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Free cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) for an unlimited number of devices.

If you work in the healthcare industry, you need Mobile Device management (MDM) that:


Keeps your patients’
data safe


Ensures all devices work seamlessly


Lets you monitor and update all devices easily

At Miradore, we can instantly give you all that, and more, 100% free of charge. To find out how, read on.

Miradore Online - Mobile Device Management for healthcare

5 reasons why every hospital needs mobile device management for healthcare

Research has shown that mobile device management is increasingly popular in the healthcare industry. Hardly surprising when you consider the huge number of mobile devices used for patient monitoring and care worldwide. But what makes healthcare mobile device management so crucial to the success of a modern hospital?

1. You’ll ensure better healthcare compliance

In healthcare, the benefits of MDM are even more wide-ranging than for other industries. One of the most important factors is how much easier healthcare mobile device management makes compliance with HIPA or similar data protection regulation. By enforcing passcode protection and storage encryption, you provide a safe path to legal healthcare compliance with medical data protection legislation. This is great news for your employees and for your patients.

2. You’ll help reduce healthcare risks and save lives

Data is precious in every business. However, in the healthcare industry it can be a matter of life and death. By using a good mobile device management service you can rest assured crucial data will be both easier to manage and easier to secure. All healthcare professionals know that ethically sound management of personal patient details is crucial both to successful treatments and the reduction of healthcare risks. With healthcare mobile device management you’ll never have to worry about lost data causing patient complications again.

3. You’ll increase productivity

Once you have healthcare mobile device management in place, your organization can start to look for modern and convenient ways to make secure, modern mobile platforms a time-saving part of your organisation. Imagine how healthcare risks would be diminished if highly trained doctors and nurses could do reporting and filing using smoother, faster apps on a healthcare device in a hospital ward rather than having to find a workstation?

4. You’ll make your employees happier

Healthcare mobile device management offers very tangible benefits when it comes to work/life balance and employee satisfaction too. By enabling your staff to quickly access information from the their healthcare mobile devices, you’ll save them time and energy. In short, you’ll allow them to practise their profession rather than act as administrators.

5. You’ll manage your healthcare device inventory in real time

If you have a large number of healthcare devices, healthcare mobile device management solutions help you keep track of what hardware you have available. What’s more, you can easily check which devices will support the next version of Apple’s operating system or search for Mac addresses to add to network configurations. Need an easy way to check in on mobile data plans and their usage? Or to see which users need a reminder to approve operating system updates? With mobile device management you can automate all of this and more.

As you can see, the benefits of healthcare mobile device management are clear. But not all mobile device management solutions are created equal. The best way to see if they’re right for you is to try them out. Happily, with Miradore, you can do that completely free of charge. With our 100% free mobile device management solution, you can add an unlimited number of healthcare devices and there’s no time limit either. All it takes is a 30 second sign up for you to get rid of mobile device management worries forever. So, why not get started right now?

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