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Free cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) for an unlimited number of devices.

If you work in the education sector, you need Mobile Device Management (MDM) so you:


Don’t lose your kids and devices



Don’t lose time and money



Can control your devices and lessons


At Miradore, we can instantly give you all that, and more, 100% free of charge. To find out how, read on.

Miradore Online - Mobile Device Management for education

5 reasons why every school needs mobile device management for education

Tens of thousands of schools worldwide are already making use of mobile devices. Studies show that this improves both learning and student engagement, but in order to benefit as much as possible, schools need to manage their devices properly. Here at Miradore we’ve spent years developing the perfect mobile device management solution for tackling this challenge. We believe now that education is the future, and the future is mobile. Here’s 5 compelling reasons why every school should take on mobile device management:

1. Better learning for students

While tablets are great for learning, they’re also jam-packed full of distractions, with everything from games to social media apps tempting students. Thankfully, with Miradore’s MDM solution, Miradore Online, students device use can be controlled, ensuring they can focus on top marks rather than top scores.

2. Making lighter work of app updates

No matter whether a school is big or small, with a hundred or a thousand students, updating apps manually is a tiresome and difficult job for the IT department. However, with Miradore Online, it takes less than 5 minutes to get every student’s device up to date.

3. Keeping track of tech

As we all know, kids can have a tendency to lose or misplace their stuff. If that includes a 500 euro tablet, it can put a real dent in a school’s tech budget. To ensure devices don’t go a wandering, Miradore Online can track their location.

4. Quality time for teaching

With lessons often restricted to an hour or two, it’s super important to make sure that time is used as efficiently as possible. Miradore Online makes this possible by allowing apps for a particular lesson to be deployed remotely and at once. This means no more messing around manually adding stuff at the start of class.

5. The wonders of the internet

Nowadays, with more and more textbooks downloaded from the internet, it can be a real pain for teachers to get them on student devices. However, with Miradore Online they can simply send a link for their students to click. This no-hassle solution allows teachers to concentrate on teaching and students for studying.

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