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Software Deployment

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  • Save time and costs by installing software remotely and silently
  • Keep software versions up-to-date and stay secure
  • Higher user satisfaction due to instant installations and self-service
  • Control installations to avoid license breaches

Solution Overview

The demands of keeping software always up-to-date, without causing disruption to the user, and for IT to perform efficiently is a challenge every IT department and Managed Service Provider face today. In the worst-case scenario, the whole business is at risk caused by outdated software versions.
With the help of Miradore, you can efficiently install, update, and remove any software remotely. You may also run any configuration changes to your devices. Miradore’s cost-efficient and scalable infrastructure enables you to manage tens of thousands of devices from a single web-based console.

Key Benefits

  • Create, test, and deploy efficiently – Miradore provides comprehensive and easy to use tools for creating, testing, and deploying packages. You may choose from many deployment methods to efficiently meet your organization targets. Automate deployments or let the service desk, field operators, or users do the installation.
  • Scalable infrastructure – The Miradore infrastructure consists of a single server, and one or more installation points. The installation points which stores the installation media do not require any Miradore software running and therefore make the scaling, management, and setup easy. Building an infrastructure supporting tens of thousands of devices in multiple locations is very cost-effective and simple.
  • Easy integration – Integrate Miradore to your service management and automate software and configuration deployments


  • Package Types – A package is a collection of automated tasks used to perform administrative tasks on the target device. These tasks could be for example installing, modifying, removing software, or configuring the target device and its operating system. With the help of Miradore, you can deploy any common installation packages like MSI files, PowerShell, and batch scripts.
  • Deployment Methods – Packages can be deployed using the following methods: Instant one-by-one deployment, mass deployment, rule-based deployment, and bare-metal installation
  • Installation Points – All software media needed for installation operations are stored in HTTP(s) or SMB network resources. You may build a hierarchy of the installation points for efficient media replication. The device automatically detects the nearest installation point for downloading the installation media.
  • Bare-metal installation – You may assign deployment packages to teams, locations, device roles, device models, and types, as well as to the user. This is part of the Miradore user profiling and ensures all the right software and settings are always automatically installed during the bare-metal installation process.
  • Permissions and roles – The installation of packages has never been easier. In addition to enforcing package installations centrally, you may delegate the installation of ready-made packages to service desk, field operators, and end-users. This ensures high user satisfaction and service quality.
  • Self-Service – Enable the Miradore Self-Service Portal and let users’ install software. You may include the approval requirement process before the software can be installed.
  • Compliance Control – Compliance control allows you to deny installations to avoid license breaches.
  • Reporting and troubleshooting – Miradore provides comprehensive and detailed information on the deployment status. This is especially useful when the need arises for troubleshooting installation failures.
  • Integrations – With the help of the Miradore API, you may enforce software installations, updates, or removals in order to automate your service management processes. Software installations are instant and you get instant and detailed information about the installation status.

Delivery Specifications

  • The Software Deployment feature is part of the Operating System and Software Deployment module. The module is part of Miradore Management Suite. It can be provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as self-hosted.
  • Pay only for what you need. You may enable the whole Suite or select only the appropriate module.


  • The Software Deployment is supported for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.
  • Miradore Management Suite is available in English only.