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Software Asset Management

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  • Stay compliant and avoid breaches
  • Avoid overspending
  • Ensure efficient IT operations
  • Know the state of your license usage and spending

Solution Overview

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT departments face many challenges when ensuring license compliance, trying to save on license costs, and managing the application installations. In the worst-case scenarios, the penalties of license violations may be costly. The operational work involved in license audits and staying compliant may require heavy resourcing and in many cases have an impact to other operations.
Miradore provides a complete toolset for efficiently managing the software assets helping companies stay compliant, automate tasks, and avoid overspending.


  • Complete Transparency – Miradore provides top-notch reports and dashboards to your software assets, spending, usage, and compliance.
  • Efficient Management – Reliable and up-to-date asset information is a foundation for efficient processes and decision making. Miradore provides tools for automating all tasks related to efficient software lifecycle management including software adding, removal, and updating.
  • Stay Compliant – Miradore discovers your software assets and keeps the records always up-to-date. Add purchased licenses and let Miradore entitle them to people and machines. The dashboards and reports provide you with all the needed information to stay compliant.
  • Integrate and Automate – With the help of the Miradore API, you may utilize all collected inventory data and enforce software installations, updates, or removals in order to automate your service management processes.


  • Discovery – The light-weighted and seamless Miradore client discovers your software automatically and keeps the inventories always up-to-date.
  • Normalization – The discovered software is automatically normalized to software titles with the help of our Software Catalog containing 400,000+ titles. Normalization includes information on license requirements and whether the software is part of a Suite.
  • License Entitlements – Add your purchased software licenses to Miradore and let Miradore entitle the licenses to machines or people.
  • Metering – Miradore automatically measures the runtime, active usage time, and the start count of monitored software.
  • Optimization – With the help of software metering and reliable up-to-date reports, you can optimize your software assets. Reallocate licenses, identify unused licenses, and remove installations remotely and silently.
  • Compliance Control – Identify and remove non-allowed or outdated software, and deny installations to avoid license breaches.
  • Install, Remove, Update Software – You may install, remove, and update any software to your machines. Choose from many methods such as one-by-one deployment, group distribution, or enabling the user self-service portal.
  • Request Management – Enable the Miradore Self-Service Portal and let users’ install software. You may include the approval requirement process before the software can be installed.

Delivery Specifications

  • The Software Asset Management module is part of the Miradore Management Suite. It can be provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as self-hosted.
  • Pay only for what you need. You may enable the whole Suite or select only the Software Asset Management module.


  • License management, software usage measuring, and normalization are only available on Windows platforms.
  • Only Microsoft Windows servers and Microsoft SQL servers are supported for self-hosted deployments.
  • Miradore Management Suite is available in English only.