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Power Management

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Miradore’s management agents monitor Windows computers and record information about the computers’ power states (powered on / sleep / hibernate / powered off). The gathered information is shown as graphs and numeric historical data in Miradore Management Suite. Using that information, IT technicians can estimate the computers‘ power consumption and electricity costs. The information also reveals when the computers have been powered on and locked up, and also when the computers have been unlocked which helps to find out when the computers usually have idle time. For example, on the following picture below, it seems that the computer has been running for many hours as locked although nobody has used it in the evening.
Power management report


In order to minimize the unnecessary power consumption, the IT technicians can use Miradore Management Suite’s power down settings to centrally configure Windows and Linux computers to shut down automatically according to a certain schedule. The power-down settings allow the IT technicians to choose whether the devices should be put into sleep mode, hibernated, or turned off completely when they’re powered down. However, they can also schedule the computers to wake up automatically in order to get them ready for use before the users arrive in the morning.
Power management settings
Miradore Management Suite collects information about devices’ power states only from managed Windows computers, but the power management profiles can be applied to Linux computers as well.
Power management supported platforms