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Patch Management

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  • Secure your business
  • Save costs by automating the patch deployments
  • Know the state of your security
  • Operating system and 3rd party apps patching

Solution overview

A vast majority of security attacks against computer systems are performed exploiting known software vulnerabilities that haven’t been fixed even though the patches have been available for a long time.
Miradore Management Suite automates patch deployments of more than 110 software vendors and over 1400 software products. This includes all major Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications, in addition to software from non-Microsoft vendors like Adobe and the Mozilla Foundation.


  • One consolidated view – Miradore retrieves patch data from numerous software vendors and discovers all the missing patches of your devices. This is made available for you from one consolidated view.
  • Less manual work – Fully automate the patch deployments. You only need to choose what updates should be installed, and Miradore takes care of everything else.
  • Maximum security – You no longer need to worry about users skipping the updates. Miradore silently installs the selected patches and ensures that your devices always remain up-to-date.
  • Minimum disruption to the business – Target the updates to computer groups and define separate update schedules for each group. This ensures that patches are always installed with minimum disruption to the users and services.

Delivery specifications

  • Patch Management is available as part of the Miradore Management Suite
  • Network connection from endpoints to the Internet is not required.


  • Miradore Patch Management supports all major Windows platforms.