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Miradore Management Suite

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  • All-in-one solution for efficient device management
  • Know the state of your assets
  • Save operational costs
  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Stay secure and compliant

Solution Overview

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT departments face many challenges when managing the lifecycle of an IT asset. Keeping track of the increasing range of IT assets, staying secure and compliant with a perpetually decreasing budget results in poor quality, high business risks, and MPS’s – lost customer cases.
Miradore provides a complete toolset for managing the devices’ entire lifecycle from purchase to retirement. The single console, easy-to-use, web-based interface brings transparency to all functions involved.


  • Automate your IT – Automate day-to-day tasks and increase the efficiency of your service desk and field-services. Eliminate the operation and support costs from running multiple systems and teams.
  • Avoid hidden costs and increase quality – Discover and track all of your assets with high accuracy and reliability, minimizing lost devices and hidden costs. Reliable asset management is a foundation for accurate budgeting and efficient processes.
  • Stay secure and compliant – Discover your assets – both hardware and software assets with always up-to-date inventory data. Keep Windows and 110+ vendors’ applications updated and secured. Ensure license compliance and optimize your license base.
  • Fast implementation and easy to integrate – Miradore is the fastest lifecycle management solution to deploy. You may choose from SaaS or self-hosted options. Miradore includes a large number of ready-made connectors and a powerful API for integrations.


  • Hardware Asset Management – Discover all your network-connected IT assets and keep the inventories always up-to-date. Keep track of the devices’ lifecycle, purchase dates, and warranty information included with the device model, user, and organization information. Enrich the data from 3rd party systems.
  • Software Asset Management – Discover, normalize, and map all your software assets and license requirements. Entitle licenses to people or machines. Stay compliant and save license costs by optimizing according to actual use. Miradore automatically measures the runtime, active usage time, and the start count of monitored software.
  • OS & Software Deployment – Automate the OS deployment by choosing from multiple methods like bare-metal installations and remote OS migrations. For efficient software and configuration deployment, you can choose from enforced one-by-one installations and mass deployments to pre-defined business policies. Users can request software installations from the Self-service portal.
  • Patch Management – Automate patch deployments of more than 110 software vendors and 1400 software products. This includes all major Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications, in addition to software from non-Microsoft vendors like Adobe and the Mozilla Foundation.

Delivery Specifications

  • Self-hosted
  • Pay only for what you need. You may enable the whole Suite or select the appropriate module needed.


  • Some functionality may be limited in Linux and macOS.
  • Only Microsoft Windows servers and Microsoft SQL servers are supported for self-hosted deployments.
  • Software is available in English only.