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IT Asset Management

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  • Big Data of your hardware and software assets help your IT make the right decisions
  • Easily pull up data on a need-to-know basis
  • Ensure high quality of operations and cost-efficiency
  • Gain control and manage risks

Solution Overview

Running IT operations successfully and making the right business decisions relies on reliable and accurate information on your IT environment. The decision making related to IT assets concerns many functions and involve questions like:

  • Infrastructure Team: How many network-connected devices do we have? What platforms and software versions are they running?
  • Security Team: Are all of our network-connected devices patched?
  • MSP Account Team: How many active devices do my customers have? Are the costs allocated to teams and organizations correctly? Are the devices set up according to agreed policies?
  • Service Desk Team: What changes have been done recently?

With the help of Miradore, you have the big data available about your IT assets included with all standard ITAM attributes and functionalities.


  • Big Data of your IT assets – Miradore discovers and collects hundreds of attributes including changes about your assets. You may collect any custom information remotely as well as manually assign and update any information needed for your operations.
  • Ensure efficient IT operations – Exact information of your IT assets is the fundamental basis for successful IT operations. Miradore provides accurate information for all your teams and functions from an easy to use the web console.
  • Integrate and automate – With the help of the Miradore API, you have access to the Big Data of your IT assets and you can automate your service management processes. Miradore includes ready-made connectors to the most common 3rd party tools.

IT Asset Management is involved in everything you do in IT

Manage Physical, Financial, and Contractual Aspects of IT Assets

  • Physical management includes tasks like discovery, inventory collection, version, and license tracking, and usage metering.
  • Financial management supports functions like procurement, budgeting, cost control, and cost allocation.
  • Contractual management includes tasks like license compliance, RFP preparations, contract governance, and supplier management.

Manage all your IT Asset types

  • With the help of Hardware Asset Management (HAM), you can discover and manage your IT assets like desktops, laptops, servers, mobiles and computer networks from the procurement stage to the retirement of the IT asset.
  • With the help of Software Asset Management (SAM), you can discover, normalize, and map all your software assets and license requirements, and entitle these to people or machines.

Manage the Lifecycle of Your IT Assets

Plan your operations whether it’s about budgeting, procurement, or changes to the devices. Deploy new hardware and software and do the follow-up with ease. Maintain and control your IT assets in order to stay secure, and updated with the latest versions and configurations. Be prepared for replacing the IT assets securely when the lifecycle is at its end and ensure a smooth retiring and replacement process.

Delivery Specifications

  • The complete IT Asset Management feature consists of Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) modules, which are part of the Miradore Management Suite. The Big Data engine is available by default with any selected module. IT Asset Management can be provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as self-hosted.
  • Pay only for what you need. You may enable the whole Suite or select only the HAM or SAM module.


  • The IT Asset Management is supported for all major platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Only Microsoft Windows servers and Microsoft SQL servers are supported for self-hosted deployments.
  • Miradore Management Suite is available in English only.