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3 Ways to Benefit from Miradore Management Suite’s Analytics Capabilities

Miradore Management Suite provides a lot of valuable data that helps IT Service Providers manage their customers' devices more efficiently. Management Suite's analytics capabilities help you identify possible issues in your customers' IT environments and foresee and automate upcoming repairs, such as application re-installations.

Management Suite's dashboard gives you quick access to real-time device data, making it easier to take care of your customers' IT assets. You can customize the dashboard with various widgets that include essential information on IT assets, such as their security and stability level.

Miradore Management Suite dashboard's asset management metrics

Miradore Management Suite dashboard: Asset management metrics

Miradore Management Suite dashboard's security widgets

Miradore Management Suite dashboard: Security widgets

Miradore Management Suite Analytics Stability

Miradore Management Suite dashboard: Stability metrics

What's more, you can easily transfer data from Miradore Management Suite to your service management platform. This enables you to provide seamless IT service to your customers, and ultimately boost customer satisfaction. You can prevent IT issues and handle tickets faster when you have all the necessary information at hand.

If you are not yet utilizing Miradore Management Suite's analytics capabilities to the fullest, here are three great ways to benefit from the data available in the software.

1. Boost customer satisfaction

With Miradore Management Suite's analytics, you always have reliable and up-to-date information on your IT assets. This enables you to automate device management tasks and provide proactive service, which ultimately boosts customer satisfaction. You can reduce downtime and speed up service request execution by anticipating and acting before the problem escalates.

Furthermore, real-time data enables you to serve your customers transparently and quickly. You can share reports with your customers, support them in budgeting, and help them develop their IT environment.

2. Enhance efficiency

Real-time device data makes it easy to increase the efficiency of your IT processes. When you have comprehensive device information in one place, you can find the right solution for your customers faster and speed up service request processing with proactive reporting. And when needed, you can automate the operating system and software deployment process and the distribution of essential security updates and applications.

You can also automate the invoicing of your monthly service when you have the correct data on your customers' hardware environment.

3. Expand your business

While Miradore Management Suite's analytics capabilities help you streamline your IT processes and increase customer satisfaction, they also help you productize your service, making it easier to sell.

Furthermore, by having real-time access to the state of your customer's IT environment, you can identify cross-selling opportunities. For example, you can suggest an upgrade to your customer's hardware environment when you see that there are issues with performance or the warranty is expiring, or provide additional services, such as operating system upgrades, security improvements, and performance enhancements.

If you want to learn more about Miradore Management Suite's analytics capabilities and how to utilize those better for your benefit, reach out to us to book a demo.