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What’s new in Miradore Management Suite 5.3.0

June 9, 2020

We’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our IT lifecycle management solution, Miradore Management Suite 5.3.0. Below is a summary of changes since the previous version.

Improved user experience on the Asset page

User interface now highlights the required fields more clearly on the asset form and saves all modifications to asset data when changing the asset status.

Active Directory and Offline Domain Join connectors to support LDAPS

Administrators can now configure Offline Domain Join Connector 2.0 and Microsoft Active Directory Connector 2.8.4 to use an LDAPS connection to AD. Additionally, the ODJ Connector 2.0 connects to Miradore server via WebSockets, which improves the reliability of the connector.

Information security improvements to clients and connectors

We have made important information security improvements to Miradore clients on all platforms and also to the 3 Step IT, F-Secure Policy Manager, F-Secure Protection Service for Business, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM, and Offline Domain Join Connectors.
Make sure you upgrade all of the above-mentioned Clients and Connectors to the latest version to ensure the functionality and maximum security of your Miradore environment. You can find instructions and more details about the changes from Upgrade notes in the Product Guide.

Other improvements

  • Miradore now collects Windows-provided inventory data of the status of antivirus, firewall, and anti-spyware products on computers running Windows 7 or newer.
  • Administrators can now choose which certificate store Miradore Windows Clients should use to check the validity of certificates used for HTTPS connections to Miradore server.
  • We added twelve new dashboard widgets to the Widget Gallery and several new items and attributes to the Web Service API and report builder. You can find more information about those on the PDF provided at the end of this post.
  • Altogether more than 30 improvements and 20 fixed bugs.

For a full list of enhancements and fixes, see Release Notes (PDF).