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What’s new in Miradore Management Suite 5.2.0

We’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our IT systems management solution, Miradore Management Suite 5.2.0. Below is a summary of changes since the previous version.

Debian 10 and macOS Catalina support

You can now manage endpoints running Debian 10 or macOS Catalina with the new 1.6.5 version of Miradore Client for Linux and macOS.

New options in Data export for 3 Step IT and Nordea integrations

Assets’ custom attributes can now be exported from Miradore Management Suite to 3 Step IT or Nordea Finance using our integration Connectors.
Exporting custom attributes
There is also a new export configuration option Do not export empty values which lets you choose if empty attribute values should be communicated from Miradore to the target system.
Do not export

Patch management improvements

  • You can now give device end-users up to 24 hours to restart their devices after patch installations. Earlier the waiting time was limited to eight hours
  • Improved the handling of Windows 10 upgrade patches, including support for Windows 10 version 1909
  • Compatibility with HTTPS installation points using valid certificates
  • Updates to supported software products


  • Optimized the page load time of the Asset page in environments which have the Endpoint Backup feature enabled
  • Operating system identification improved for Windows 10 versions
  • Group distribution’s postpone/install dialog now tells the device end-user if he/she needs to restart the device after the installation. The dialog can now also be configured to wait for the user’s decision to install or delay the installation for a longer time than before
  • We renewed Miradore’s SMTP/email engine which now supports encryption and the use of third-party SMTP servers, such as Gmail. You can configure the SMTP settings at the Main tab of the system settings
  • The identification of assets having the same network MAC address was improved
  • A bunch of other small improvements
  • 25+ fewer bugs to worry about

For a full list of enhancements and fixes, see Release Notes (PDF).