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What’s new in Miradore Management Suite 5.4.0

January 8, 2021

We’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our IT lifecycle management solution, Miradore Management Suite 5.4.0, that brings major improvements to patch management. Discover more about the release highlights below!

Enhanced patch management

Miradore Management Suite 5.4.0 comes with improved patch management capabilities, making IT administrators' life a lot easier. Here's a summary of the major changes:

  • Extended patch library: The new patch library supports over 1400 products from over 110 vendors. You can see all the supported products in the new Security patch products view.
  • Significantly faster patch scanning: Now, patch scanning takes only a few seconds instead of minutes, which decreases the disturbance to device users.
  • Better reporting: You can dive deeper into your IT environment's patching status with improved views and reports,
  • Automatic patching with initial installation: You can now request Miradore Management Suite to patch devices automatically at the end of the initial installation, which ensures the device security and performance from the moment your users turn on their new device for the first time.
  • New configuration options: New configuration options are available in the patch management settings.

Other improvements and changes

Support for ARM-based Macs, macOS Big Sur, and Ubuntu 20.04

  • macOS Client 1.6.7 supports the management of ARM-based Macs and Macs running macOS Big Sur
  • Linux Client 1.6.6 partially supports the management of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS devices

Please note that the initial installation and Endpoint Backup features are not supported.

Integration to ServiceNow

With the new ServiceNow integration, you can export IT lifecycle management data from Miradore Management Suite to ServiceNow. The integration is highly configurable, meaning that you can choose which data you want to export from Miradore Management Suite and how the data should be mapped into ServiceNow’s CMDB.


For a full list of enhancements and fixes, see the preview of the new features (PDF).

Please read these instructions before upgrading to Miradore Management Suite 5.4.0.