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Gain significant advantage by industrializing customer rollouts

One of the most important findings from Miradore’s partnerships with managed service providers has been that they value easy implementation. This is quite natural since they expect to carry out a lot of system deployments, so fast and easily reproducible implementation can bring them even significant competitive advantage.
Miradore has responded to this customer challenge in the area of product development, but also by developing an implementation concept to industrialize the deployment process. The Miradore implementation concept is covered in the two main implementation tools:
1. MSP project guide, and 2.
Customer rollout template
Miradore implementation concept
The MSP project guide focuses on the one-off project of setting up the Miradore environment and service capability, whereas the Customer rollout template focuses on the repetitive service implementation to the end customers. As customer rollouts are done even dozens of times, the Customer rollout template can become a highly valuable tool for a managed service provider.

Customer rollout template

The idea of the Customer rollout template is quite simple: It is a guide that steers you through the required implementation steps, and at the same time giving you a checklist to track your progress. In the beginning, its role will be more of a guide’s role, but as the implementation process becomes business as usual, it will function more as a checklist. As pictures are worth a thousand words, the screenshots below will do the most of the talking. Comments are added below the screenshots to make further clarification.
Miradore Management Suite customer rollout template
The cover page of the template shows an overview of the rollout phases as well as the overall status of the rollout. Note that in this example we have finished the first two phases and are just about start the third phase, i.e. the installation.
Customer rollout phase 1
The initiation phase is all about decisions and setting the frame for the rollout. The idea here is to collect all possible topics that need to be discussed with the end customer (depending on the service delivery model). After this phase, there is no need to bother them any longer.
Customer rollout phase 2
The preparations phase is – as the name says – all about preparing for the actual rollout. Some basic information needs to be collected, operative decisions be made, and last but not least: the delivery capacity needs to be in place. And remember especially to verify the connectivity!
Rollout phase 3
During the installations phase, the needed servers and services are set up, the Miradore instance installed is and configured, and the client deployment is tested. When the preparations phase has been carried out properly, this is a mere formality.
Customer rollout phase 4
Client deployments are launched in the implementation phase, followed by configuring the feature-specific settings (depending on what features are in the scope). Now the Miradore environment is up and running!
Customer rollout phase 5
What is left to do in the closing phase is to ensure that everything has been done, the service handed over to production, and that the end customer doesn’t have anything to complain about. Well, that is highly unlikely anyway, since they probably didn’t even notice anything. From their point of view, this is just a background process.
Wait! Don’t start the rollout yet, there is one more thing…
Managed service providers have different service delivery models, so this template most likely has to be adjusted a bit to fit the respective service delivery model. But don’t hesitate to our top-notch support to assist if needed. Happy rollouts!