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Best Practices for Ensuring Your Assets Have the Correct Warranty Information

Having the correct warranty information on your company’s computer assets is important when planning to buy new ones, as it is imperative to know if the manufacturer is still going to fix the PC or laptop in case of a hardware failure.
Many computer manufacturers provide warranty checkup websites and APIs, which include the information. Usually, you just need the serial number of a computer and then you receive the start and end date back as a response.
Miradore Management Suite has readymade attributes for the warranty dates. By default, it makes a guess based on several variables, such as the hardware model and operating system installation date. These might not always be correct if the computer has been reinstalled or the operating system has been upgraded after the original installation.
Similar to computer manufacturers, each Management Suite instance also has its own REST-based web service API, which enables you to read, write, and execute many things.
You do not need to be a programmer to use the API. It is rather easy to utilize it, for example, using a Windows PowerShell script. With a PowerShell script, you can read the serial numbers of computers from Miradore, then get the real warranty dates from the manufacturer API and finally update the information in Miradore accordingly.
To make it easier for you, we have published an example script in our community. The example script is for updating warranty information of computers manufactured by Lenovo and you can modify the script to get warranty information from other manufacturers instead. With the Windows Task Scheduler, you can schedule the scripts to run frequently so that even your new computers will have the warranty information updated in the Miradore assets.
Feel free to send us feedback about the example script on the community page. You are also more than welcome to share your own modified warranty scripts for different manufacturers and to ask for help in case of any issues that you find.
For more information about our Hardware Asset Management solution, check the IT Asset Management solution’s page.