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Asset Intelligence at Your Fingertips with Report Builder

Miradore Management Suite is all about automation and providing up-to-date information, two of the most important components of IT management. That’s why it ships with 140 pre-designed views and reports which allow you to collect and track nearly 1,100 data attributes about your managed IT environment.
For example, the Computers – Summary view alone contains more than 40 data attributes that can be used to analyze managed computers.

Computer Summary View The Computers – Summary view of Miradore Management Suite.

However, this is only a fraction of all of the data Miradore Management Suite gathers from devices using the management agents and integration connectors.
What’s remarkable is that, at the time of this writing, more than 50 configuration items with nearly 1,100 data attributes are already available through the Report builder in Miradore Management Suite. Consequently, you can design your own custom reports where you’re able to freely combine and filter the collected data based on your needs—discovering new insights about your managed IT environment.
In the screenshot below, you can see an example where the user has built a custom report. The user has chosen to list the asset tags and device names for active, recently-reported devices, which have more than two CPU cores and exactly the 13.0 (2016) version of the SQL Server installed based on the latest software inventory information. With licensing tied to hardware features, this comes in handy: In this case, devices with more than 2 CPU cores require more than one core-based license.

Custom Report listing asset tags and device names in Miradore Management SuiteA custom report listing asset tags and device names.

The custom reports can be saved for later use and shared with other users, so you don’t need to create the reports again. Instead, you can easily access them through the Reports menu located in the top pane of the Miradore Management Suite’s user interface.
Reports menu of Miradore Management Suite

The Reports menu.

For a full list of items and attributes supported by the Report builder, please refer to the Miradore Management Suite API Specification (starting from page 33).
We’re also working hard to expand the coverage of supported items even more in upcoming product versions, so more data will follow.
It’s also worth remembering that on top of the default data collection built into Miradore, administrators can configure Miradore Management Suite to gather custom inventory information with scripts. Such information can be used to configure reporting in Miradore even further.
Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we’ve recently added an educational webinar about the use of Reporting and Automated actions to our website. This session walks you through the use of the Report Builder, Custom quality index indicators, and Automated actions. It’s free of charge and certainly worth watching even for experienced Miradore users.

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