New key features

Improved management console
All views and reports are now available from the same navigation panel. Multi-selection of items in the views makes it possible to change the status and attributes of multiple items at once. New help page is available for each view describing the views usage and configuration options. Scheduled system tasks management have been added to the renewed Administration panel.

Asset management improvements
Improvements include e.g. configurable status management of assets, more detailed inventory information collected from assets, and renewed asset configuration form where the device configuration form has been merged with the asset form. Also a connector to 3 Step IT financial system has been released.

Initial installation improvements
Support to approve initial installations and create new assets directly from the boot menu without going into the web console.

Event logging improvements
All changes related to the configuration items are collected including what was changed (previous value, new value), who changed, and when the change occurred. Also system event logs are available from the administration panel.

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