G7Data has implemented Miradore’s IT device lifecycle management system for their customers. The solution covers asset management, device initial installation, and software deployment.

“With Miradore, the implementation time is really fast, which always comes as a pleasant surprise for the customer,” explains Kimmo Juuti, from G7Data sales. “Customer feedback has been very positive as we are able to provide them real cost savings, especially in the area of device initial installations and re-installations.”

“We are pleased with the co-operation with G7Data. They have shown us that small and medium sized businesses can also enjoy excellent ROI”, says Ari Vehniä, Vice President of sales and marketing of Miradore.

G7Data Oy is a new vendor, offering IT solutions and expert services. With the help of technology, consulting, and maintenance knowledge, we help companies build a supporting ICT environment, which improves performance and creates customer loyalty.

G7Data’s expert personnel, currently numbering 15, have a long history in the business, with many having over 20 years’ experience.

G7Data has a broad ownership base, and is partly owned by key personnel.

Read more at: www.g7data.fi

Miradore is a software company whose solutions are designed for IT service providers as a complete IT management platform. It allows access to IT devices and software, through one easy-to-use modular interface – scalable to meet an organization’s size and specific needs. Miradore supports the whole IT lifecycle, including purchasing, installation, maintenance, replacement, and retiring devices.

Read more at: www.miradore.com

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Miradore is the European pioneer in managing diverse IT environments and supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.
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