We would like to thank the 1500+ organizations that have participated in our beta program and provided valuable feedback to improve our service. We began the beta program as an invitation campaign in February and opened it as public beta a month later. Now, we have enhanced the service and implemented new features to the point that we are proceeding to production phase.

During the transfer from beta to production, we have already made small releases that bring small modifications to the user interface and other minor improvements. These updates do not affect your devices, users, enrollments, or any other configurations, as they will remain and function as before. Read more about our latest releases here.

In the production phase, we will begin to tweet about service development updates in addition to these email newsletters regarding the most important changes. So be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Upcoming features in the Free Plan

Lots of good stuff is being developed to further improve the Miradore Online Free Plan. Here are just some of the features we are currently working on: more options to configure Windows Phones and Androids, improvements to reporting and dashboards, and the possibility to tag devices.

Enterprise Plan coming

In addition to the Free Plan, we are going to introduce an Enterprise Plan which extends your management possibilities in Miradore Online with Application management, Event log, Integration interface and more. The Enterprise Plan will be available for a monthly subscription fee which will be announced later.

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Miradore Ltd

Miradore is the European pioneer in managing diverse IT environments and supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.
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