MDM Can Make Your Small Business More Profitable



On the IT side of things, small businesses are struggling to keep up with the demands of operations, while larger businesses can afford to avoid small business pitfalls. Get organized by managing mobile devices through a Mobile Device Management product. We’ll walk you through some prime examples of how MDM products can save companies considerable money over time while reducing risk and improving efficiency.

Running a small business can be tricky: everything from tax codes to employer responsibilities seem to be created with big corporations in mind. Yet, in the United States alone, companies with fewer than 500 employees make up 99.9 percent of U.S. employers, representing 47.5 percent of private-sector employment, according to the Small Business Administration.

On the IT side of things, many businesses are struggling to keep up with the demands of operations. While larger businesses can afford to avoid small business pitfalls like relying on unmanaged laptops and Wi-Fi, professional IT comes at a cost anyone would like to trim as much as possible.

However, with the mobile revolution, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Getting organized by managing mobile devices through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) product is faster and easier to achieve compared to similar control over traditional desktop platforms

Lost, found, secure, compliant, and recycled

What costs time and money? Lost smartphones. Without MDM, it can be hard to track down phones, even if they have some user-activated tracking installed.

With tracking activated through MDM, you can save countless hours on productivity and cost by making phones discoverable.

Miradore Online comes with a feature that allows you to set location checks for phones at set intervals, or to activate an alarm sound on the device to locate a lost phone you believe is nearby.

Other risks with lost or stolen phones include a loss of data. When a phone gets lost, it’s best to simply remotely lock and wipe it for added security, and Miradore Online can do that.

In industries like healthcare, with regulation like HIPAA or the new EU GDPR, preventing data from falling into the wrong hands can save companies from painful fines and loss of reputation for failing to comply with regulations.

That is, in addition to the obvious ethical problems with such breaches.

The risk of data misuse also exists if devices aren’t properly erased as a part of decommissioning. With MDM, all sensitive data should be removed off of a phone once it’s ready to be reassigned. After properly erasing and resetting old devices, there’s also the potential of reselling for some cash.

Simply put, the help MDM offers for device lifecycle can have an impact on everyday tasks and business continuity alike.

Fly under the data limit

In most of the world today, people have to deal with the nuisance of metered mobile data plans.

There’s a lot of potential ways to save data costs by controlling devices, some of which may be applicable in situations where very limited data plans are in use.

Web blocking lists and white/blacklisting of apps are available, but IT managers need to consider that employees need access to large volumes of information in order to do their jobs.

However, controlling use of games and video intensive apps might give a business some breathing room until mobile carriers increase or upgrade data usage plans with reasonable prices.

Tax considerations

In some regions, you can get some tax rebates on business computers if you can prove they’re not used for personal reasons.

In case you have a bunch of company-issued phones and tablets that clearly are meant as day to day tools without being used for personal reasons (games, social networking apps), make it so.

Again, with the app whitelisting feature of an MDM solution, you have control over what’s installed.

Bring your own device

People tend to have smartphones of their own that’s why in some work situations, it might not make sense to provide employees with separate work phones. In these cases, businesses can save big by letting workers bring their own phones.

To manage security risks and separate important business data, MDM might be just the tool you need to arrange this type of situation responsibly and with oversight from IT.

This is how MDM can push your company efficiency and profitability in the right direction

  • MDM can help your IT crew save time by using configuration profiles to roll out settings for work emails, Wi-Fi and more.
  • With Miradore Online, you get a wide range of control over features on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.
  • On devices that support Android Enterprise, there remains an extra useful choice between fully managed work devices and work profiles.
  • Work profiles allowing users to keep their personal data, but in a separate user profile on the phone to prevent data leakage.

To get started improving productivity and reducing risks and costs, get started with Miradore Online today.

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