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How to update Windows apps deployed using an MSI package?

Updated on October 12th, 2022

This article explains how you can update a Windows app that you have previously deployed to your Windows devices using the MSI deployment option.


  • You need to have an Administrator role on your Miradore site
  • Miradore Premium plan

Update steps

  1. Search and download the MSI file of the application's newer version from the software vendor's website.
  2. Add the MSI file to Miradore through the Management > Applications page just like you added the earlier version.
  3. The application appears on the page as a new row. You'll recognize it from the Version, Size, and Application identifier columns.How to update Windows applications with Miradore
  4. Deploy the new app version to the devices which have the older app version installed.
    • If you deployed the previous version using a business policy, you should add the new app version to the same policy. Do not remove the older app version from the business policy at this point.Chrome update using Miradore
  5. If the software vendor has built the software properly, the MSI package will recognize the previous software version during the installation and it will upgrade the existing software to the new app version on the device.
  6. Wait until the deployment of the new app version is complete for all computers. You can track the deployment status from the Actions logs.
  7. At this point, your devices actually have only the latest app version installed, but Miradore still shows that both the older and the newer app versions are deployed on the device.Miradore UI shows duplicate information about app deployments after updating MSI apps. You can correct this reporting issue simply by removing the deployments of the older application version from the devices. For the one-off deployments, you can use the trash can icon on the Deployments tab of the Device page. If the older app version was deployed with a business policy, you should now remove the older app version from the business policy. Make sure to tick the Remove item(s) from devices where it has been installed by the business policy check box.
    Remove an app from a business policy
  8. Now you're all done with the update process.

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