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Managing patch deployments with custom rules

Updated on October 12th, 2022

Miradore's Patch management feature helps administrators to automate the patching of Windows devices. By default, Miradore will install missing patches for all applications. It is also possible to restrict patch installations based on a vendor and a product. This article instructs how to use custom rules in Miradore patch management for excluding or including some vendors and products. 

How to create custom rules for patch installation?

You may create custom include and exclude rules for patch deployments from Management > Patches - Installation settings.

Installation rules for patch deployment

  1. Choose "Install patches using custom rules" as the Rule type.
  2. The included rule defines the vendors and products on which patches will be installed on the devices. If you create the include rule, patch deployment will then include only patches from these defined vendors and products.
  3. You may also exclude some vendors or products from patch deployments. For example, if you have included a vendor, but you want to block some patches from the vendor, you may create a custom exclude rule for that.

In case you need to remove some rule created earlier, press the trash icon at the end of the row. Please note that it might take a while for the device to receive the updated rules.

Important information

  • If there isn't any custom rule defined, Miradore will deploy all patches to the devices.
  • Exclude rules will always be applied if there is a conflict between the rules. For example, if there are rules to include and then exclude the same vendor, the patches from the vendor will be excluded from the patch deployment.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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