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User Settings and Attributes

Updated on September 30th, 2020

In Miradore, the User page contains all the information and settings related to a single user. The User page can be accessed from the Users view by clicking the arrow icon in the right-most column in the view.


On the User page, the information and settings are divided into different tabs, which each encapsulate user-specific information and settings for a certain purpose. The different tabs are explained in more detail below. Notice that the Add account wizard in the User page’s Actions menu is available in all tabs, and it lets you add new email providers, VPN connections, Proxy servers, and Mail for Exchange accounts, which may then be utilized in the mass-deployment of configuration profiles.


The Settings tab contains general information that is related to the user, such as first name, last name, and middle initial, but in addition, it contains the email address and phone number attributes, which are used to enroll the user’s devices to Miradore. The email address is also used to identify the user in Miradore. Therefore, the email address is required for each user, and it must be unique.

The Email accounts tab lets you enter information about the user’s POP or IMAP email accounts. The information is needed and used when email configuration settings are deployed to managed device(s) using an email configuration profile. Note! There are no limitations of how many email accounts can be assigned to a user.

The Mail for Exchange accounts tab contains user-specific settings for Mail for Exchange. These settings are used in conjunction with Mail for Exchange configuration profile(s). Note! There are no limitations of how many Exchange accounts can be assigned to a user.

The VPN accounts tab contains user-specific VPN connection settings that can be used in conjunction with VPN configuration profile(s). Note! there are no limitations of how many VPN accounts can be assigned to a user.

The Proxy accounts tab contains user-specific connection settings for proxy server(s), and the settings are used in conjunction with configuration profile(s). Note! There are no limitations of how many Proxy accounts can be assigned to a user.

The VPP account tab shows details about the users Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account and assigned VPP licenses.

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