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Deployment Event, Security Action and Send Message Statuses

Updated on May 4th, 2021

This document shortly describes the deployment statuses of configuration profiles, security actions, application deployments and device messages.

Configuration profiles and application deployments

QueuedDeployment is queued, but the device has not connected to the server yet
WaitingDevice has queried the server for deployments and these are being delivered to the device for processing
In progressDevice is processing this particular profile/application deployment
CompletedDeployment has been completed
FailedDeployment has failed (see a detailed error message by hovering over the status text)
CancelledDeployment has been cancelled
Error distributing
PostponedThere are certain times when device is not able to run the requested actions. For example, iOS device is locked with passcode. If the device cannot perform the requested action in a situation like this, it reports this to the server where the action status is set as *Postponed*. The requested action will be retried later when the device is ready to process it.
Waiting for startupThe Miradore Online Client for iOS has not been started yet


Security actions

QueuedSecurity action is queued, but the device has not connected to the server yet
In ProgressDevice is processing this security action
ReadySecurity action has been successfully run on the device
FailedSecurity action has failed (see a detailed error message by hovering over the status text).
Accepted By DeviceDevice has accepted the security action
CancelledSecurity action has been cancelled

Send message

The following statuses are for Android devices only. The Send message functionality on iOS devices is based on Apple's push notification infrastructure which does not send back the status information from the device.

QueuedMessage is queued, but the device has not connected to the server yet.
In progressMessage is being delivered to the device.
Notification createdDevice shows a notification in the notification bar
User acknowledgedUser has opened the Miradore Online Client by tapping the notification and acknowledged the message with the OK button
CancelledMessage delivery has been cancelled
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