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Application Deployment

Updated on September 30th, 2020

This article describes Miradore’s software distribution features that are part of the Enterprise subscription.

If you’re interested in installing software remotely, consider upgrading your site to Enterprise Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription for more information.

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Google’s enterprise app store: managed Google Play

You can deploy applications silently to Android 5+ devices that are managed either using the Work Profile or Fully managed device mode of Android Enterprise. This method also supports preconfiguration of apps.

You can also control which apps are available to users on the managed Google Play store app on their devices.

You can deny app installations from the consumer’s Google Play store.

Public Google Play store

Deploy apps remotely from the consumer’s public Google Play store to managed Android devices.

Paid applications are also supported, but the device user(s) must purchase the application prior to installation. In order to be able to remotely install a store application, it must be available in Google Play, the user must be signed in to Google Play with his/her account, and accept the installation. The installations cannot be forced to a device nor can the applications be installed quietly in the background.

APK deployment

Another application type for Android devices is the Android Application Package (APK) download. Applications are installed by uploading the APK file to Miradore or by defining an URL where the APK is downloaded from.

Read more from How to add an Android APK download application.


Apple VPP and Business Manager

Purchase applications in Apple Business Manager and deploy them to your managed iOS devices.

App store application deployment

Distribute any App store applications to your managed iOS devices remotely. For instructions, please read How to add an iOS app store app.

In-house apps

With Miradore, you can also deploy in-house applications to your iOS devices.

Note that developing and deploying in-house applications require the iOS Developer Enterprise Program.


Purchase licenses for macOS applications through Apple Business/School Manager and take care of the license assignments and software deployments easily with Miradore. Miradore supports application deployment for macOS 10.7 or newer devices.

Miradore also provides the possibility to use application packages (PKGs) to deploy applications to macOS devices with version 10.13.6 or above.

Learn more from How to deploy apps to macOS devices.


Miradore Enterprise subscribers can deploy software and apps to Windows 7, 8, and 10 computers that are enrolled in Miradore and have the Miradore Client installed.

For more, see How to deploy apps and scripts to Windows devices.

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