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Suspended device issue on September 28th, 2020

Updated on May 4th, 2021

An orange Suspended device banner may appear on your site if Miradore cannot reliably identify some of the devices enrolled to your Miradore site.

Suspended device error occurs when Miradore cannot recognize a device realiably.

This is a safety measure which occurs as a result of device linking failure and is intended to prevent further problems in device management and/or billing.

Why device got suspended?

There are multiple reasons which can lead to your device getting suspended.

Two clients on an Android device

One of the most common reasons is that a device has been accidentally enrolled to your Miradore site twice. In this case, there are two separate Miradore Clients installed on the device that are both linked to your Miradore site.

This may happen for example if device is already managed using the Work Profile when someone enrolls it also to Device Administrator mode.

Cloned devices

Device cloning i.e. copying the identity and data from one device to another will most likely lead to device suspension.

Virtual machines

Virtual Windows machines may get suspended if they are cloned or have same device identifiers (serial number, Base board serial number, Hardware ID)

How to unsuspend

Make sure that your device doesn't have two separate Miradore Clients installed.

Ensure that your virtual Windows machines have unique device identifiers.

Contact to Miradore Support Team and request to unsuspend the device.