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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Support for multi-SIM Android devices on the 17th of May, 2022

Updated on May 17th, 2022

Today we released a new Miradore Client version 2.9.5 on Google Play Store which improves Miradore's Android device management capabilities.

Better support for Android devices with multiple SIM slots

Mobile devices can have one or many SIM slots and each of them has a unique IMEI number.

Previously Miradore identified Android devices using the IMEI code of the SIM tray where the card was inserted.

Now Miradore collects the IMEIs from all SIM slots which improves the reliability of device identification.

You can find the IMEI codes and also the IMSI codes of any inserted SIM cards from the Inventory tab of the Device page in Miradore.

Certificate deployment now available for Profile owner devices

You can now use Miradore to deploy certificates also to the Android devices that are managed using the Work profile.

Previously the certificate deployment was only available for Fully managed Android devices.