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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Improvements to the integration with Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment

Updated on October 20th, 2022

Today's release improves the integration with Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) program.

What is ADE?

The Automated Device Enrollment program is a feature of Apple Business/School Manager. It helps organizations automate the MDM enrollment and initial setup of their Apple devices.

ADE was previously known as Apple Device Enrollment Program (Apple DEP).

What’s new in this release

Here is a short summary of the recent changes in Miradore.

Support for multiple enrollment profiles

Apple device enrollment profile for ADE (previously DEP)

It is now possible to create multiple device enrollment profiles for ADE enrollments in Miradore. This means that you can configure different settings for enrolling different kinds of devices.

Administrators manage the enrollment profiles on the Apple DEP page. For instructions, please read the Enrollment profiles for Apple's Automated Device enrollment and Enrolling devices using Apple's Automated Device Enrollment.

Data for backtracking enrollments

Both the Enrollment log and the Device page now show the name of the enrollment profile that was used to enroll device(s) in Miradore. This helps to trace the configurations that were applied to the device(s) during the enrollment.