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Android 12 support and bug fixes on 9th of November, 2021

Updated on November 26th, 2021

Here's a short summary of the new features and bug fixes released today.

Android 12 support

You can now manage Android 12 devices using the Android Client version 2.9.2 that we published in Google Play today.

This client version does not support the deployment of files or certificates to Android 11 and 12 devices. But we're working on adding the support for the deployments in the next client release.

Simplifying password complexity on Android 12 devices

We have added a more straightforward method to define passcode complexity requirements for Android 12 devices. You can now select one of the pre-set passcode complexity levels instead of defining the granular settings separately.

For more details, please read the Device passcode policy for Android.

Resolved issues

  • Apple devices disappeared from the Devices page after Apple requested customers to re-approve the terms and conditions regarding the use of ABM/ASM.
  • Unenrolling a Miradore site from Apple VPP didn't properly release the Apple Volume Purchase Program token in the Apple Business/School Manager.
  • Business policies tried to unnecessarily deploy apps and settings to Apple iOS devices that the administrators had wiped or unenrolled from Miradore. Therefore, there were pending actions in those devices' Action logs.