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Getting started with the MSP Portal

Updated on October 13th, 2022

Here's how you can start managing your Miradore sites with MSP Portal:

  1. Make sure you have subscribed at least one of your Miradore sites to the Premium Plan. We're offering the MSP Portal without additional cost to customers who have at least one Premium Plan site in Miradore.
  2. Contact a Miradore sales representative in your area, and request the MSP Portal activation. Include your company name and administrator's email address in the request.You can update the company name in the MSP Portal later yourself. We will invite the provided administrator as the owner (main administrator) of your MSP Portal account. The company owner can invite more users to your MSP Portal account.
  3. We will activate the MSP Portal for your company shortly after reviewing your request.Please note that our working days are normal business days from Monday to Friday Eastern European Time (EET) from 9am to 8pm or Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 2am to 1pm.

    An invitation email to use the MSP Portal will be sent to the administrator you provided.

  4. Sign in to the MSP Portal at: using your Miradore user credentials or follow the link from the invitation email.
  5. The MSP Portal will be empty by default. Add your Miradore tenants/sites to the MSP Portal using the Add > Import existing site(s) button that you can find from the Sites view. As the company owner, you can also invite more administrators to your MSP Portal account through Settings > Users. Regular administrators cannot invite new users to MSP Portal.
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