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Troubleshooting Apple DEP enrollment problems

Created on October 27th, 2020

Apple DEP is a part of Apple Business/ School Manager. We recommend using Apple DEP when enrolling devices for the advanced management in Miradore. This article helps to understand and troubleshoot the DEP enrollment problems. Please see our video about Apple DEP enrollment for more information related to the basic steps.

Errors in enrollment

Invalid profile

This is the general error message when there is an issue with the device enrollment. The reason for it might be some configuration error in DEP or there is an unspecified problem with the device.

Solution: Remove the enrollment profile from the device and wait that the Enrollment profile status (Enrollment > Apple DEP) is Not assigned. Then assign the enrollment profile again to the device and reboot it. If rebooting the device does not help, do the DFU restore for the device.

Profile installation failed. The profile “com.miradore.profile” must be installed interactively during the DEP enrollment.

This typically occurs when using Quick Start option during the iOS setup on devices with iOS version 13.

Solution: Instead of the Quick Start select the option Set up manually. The issue does not exist on the iOS version 13.2.3 and above.

Profile installation failed – The SCEP server returned an invalid response

There are multiple reasons for this error, like wrong timezone settings on a device or some WiFi network issue.

Solution: Reboot the device or, if that doesn’t help, do the DFU restore for the device.

Failed to update device

This error occurs when trying to update Apple DEP devices in Miradore.

Solution: There are a few reasons for this error.

  1. There is an update on Apple Business Manager “Terms of Service”, which you have not accepted.
  2. The DEP token has expired and you need to renew it. You may do this from Miradore in System > Infrastructure diagram (Apple Device Enrollment Program).
  3. DEP token in Miradore does not match the one in Apple Business Manager. Upload the latest token to Miradore by renewing it in System > Infrastructure Diagram.



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