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How to update iPhones and iPads to the latest iOS version?

Updated on November 10th, 2022

This article describes how you can request device users to update their iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS/iPadOS version.

If you're searching for how to update apps, check Updating managed iOS apps.


  • Premium Plan subscription or trial.
  • This action requires Administrator privileges on Miradore.
  • Only supervised devices are supported.
  • Only devices running iOS 9 or later are supported. Older iOS versions are not supported.
  • iOS versions older than 10.3 require that devices are enrolled using Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) and have no passcode.
  • iOS versions 10.3 and newer do not require ADE enrollment, and if there is a passcode set, the user must enter it to start the update.

How to request users to update the software on their iPhone/iPad?

Go to the Devices page, select the desired devices, and choose Actions > Software update.

How to update iPhone/iPad software to the latest version

Each of the devices will now download any software updates available.

The following step is that the device may prompt the device user to install the downloaded update. If the device is password protected, the user must enter the password.

iOS software update pending for installation on an Apple iPhone

The status of the action can be seen from the Management > Action log page or from the device action log.

The status is "Downloading" until the device has finished the download. After that, the status is "Installing" until the update has been successfully installed. "Completed" means that the update was applied successfully.

Additional information

It is good to note, that if the restriction, Force delayed software updates, has been deployed to a device, the software update is pending until the defined delay time has passed. In case, you want to update the latest version immediatelly, remove the restriction from the device. You may do this from the Deployments tab on the Device page (Management > Devices > Device).

Remove configuration profile from the device

Available OS updates

On the Inventory tab of a Device page, you can see whether there are any iOS version updates available for the device.

iOS version updates available for the managed device.

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