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How to change a user for an iOS device

Created on December 13th, 2022

This article explains how you can change the user on an iOS device. As if you don't go through all the necessary steps you might find that the installed apps and configurations don’t match your expectations.

Required procedure

  1. Wipe the device. This will also remove previous user data, and make sure there are no old settings causing issues. You can see the step-by-step instructions in the Remotely wiping a device article.
  2. Change the user in Miradore. You can do so by navigating to Company > Users on your Miradore site and either using an existing account or creating a new one. Go to Management > Devices and double-click to open the device. Select Settings -tab > Edit > select the new user from the drop-down list and select Save.
    Changing the user for an Apple iPhone.
  3. Re-enroll the device directly to the new user. Please see the Manual iOS device enrollment (or alternative Enrollment instructions for iOS device users).

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