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Configuring managed app configurations for Kiosk Pro app

Updated on October 10th, 2022

This article demonstrates how you can use managed app configurations in Miradore to remotely configure the settings of Kiosk Pro Plus or Kiosk Pro Enterprise.

What is Kiosk Pro?

Kiosk Pro is a secure kiosk browser app for iPad and Phone that is designed to present your web contents and media to visitors as a customized kiosk app for use in public spaces.


How to configure app settings remotely through Miradore?

  1. Add the application to Miradore's application repository. You can either purchase the app through Apple Business or School Manager or add it from the Apple App Store.
    • If you add the app from App Store, the user must have purchased the app prior to the application deployment.
  2. Open the Configurations tab of the Kiosk Pro application page.
    Configurations tab of the Kiosk Pro app
  3. Define the desired managed app configurations according to the documentation of Kiosk Pro. See App configuration for iOS and iPadOS for more instructions on creating managed app configs in Miradore.

In the two pictures below, you can see an example of how we configured the app to run a kiosk presentation of the Miradore website, having some of our key web pages as quick links on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

With these configurations, the app launches directly into the presentation mode, and the app settings are only accessible by using a certain gesture and entering a passcode. The password can be remotely changed or cleared using Miradore if you forget the password.

Managed application configurations for the Kiosk Pro
Lock down an iPad to specified web pages using Miradore's managed app configs for Kiosk Pro

Additional information

If you are managing your iPhone or iPad in a Supervised mode, the Kiosk Pro app lets you even lock down the device to the Kiosk Pro app.

You can define multiple managed app configs for the Kiosk Pro app in Miradore if you want to apply different settings for different devices or purposes.

You can use Kiosk Pro to run web apps directly within the app.

If you want to run a native iOS app in kiosk mode, you can do that using Miradore's kiosk mode for iOS.


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