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iOS > Device Data & Configuration

Collected iOS inventory

Updated on October 6th, 2022

This article lists all of the inventory information collected from Apple iOS devices. To familiarize yourself with device inventory, see About device inventory.

Class Attributes
Available OS updates Product key, Name, Download size, Install size
Application restrictions Name, Bundle identifier, Restriction type
Battery Charge level,
Device Attribute, Device name, Manufacturer, Product name, Software version, Firmware version, Storage (free/total), Serial number, IMEI, MEID, UDID, Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth MAC address, Store account active, Do not disturb active, Device type, EAS identifier, IP address, Lost mode active, Maximum shared iPad users
iCloud Backup enabled, Last cloud backup date
Managed applications Identifier, Status
Operator network Operator name, Current country, Current network, Home country, Home network, Data roaming, Current roaming state, Hotspot enabled
Profiles Name, Description, Removal allowed
Restrictions Type, Status
Security Encryption status, Hardware encryption capabilities, Passcode set, Passcode compliant, Passcode compliant with profiles, Supervised, Device locator service, Activation lock
SIM ICCID, Phone number
Web restrictions Restriction type

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