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Offer remote assistance

Updated on September 26th, 2022

You can offer support for device users remotely from Miradore. This article instructs what is required for remote support and how to create a remote assistance session in Miradore.


Important information

You can speed up the launch of remote assistance sessions by deploying the TeamViewer QuickSupport application to your managed devices in advance. In addition, the Android devices will install a manufacturer-specific add-on when the session is launched.

See how to deploy applications with Miradore application management.

Start remote assistance

To support a device user remotely, you need to create a remote assistance session in Miradore. The session between the administrator and device user is created when Miradore generates the session links for the participants. To create the remote assistance session:

1. Go to Management > Devices and search for the user's device to access the Device page.

2. On the Device page choose Start remote assistance -action under Actions dropdown.

Start remote assistance on the device page.

    • If the user information of the device is missing, the action is inactive. Add the user for the device in the Settings tab of the Device page, if needed.
    • You can see Miradore user information on Company > Users.

3. Check the information on the first step of the wizard, and choose, if you want Miradore to send the user's session link with an email or SMS. Continue to start the remote assistance session.

    • SMS option is available on Android and iOS devices.
    • The phone number for the SMS is, at first, checked from the device inventory and then from Miradore user information.

4. The session links generated by Miradore are shown. Copy the links, and share the end-user link with the device user if you haven't done it during the previous step.

    • The end-user should open the link on the device that requires assistance.
    • The session links are accessible for an hour.

The remote assistance session starts when both participants open the links on their devices. To open the session, the supporter should have the full version of the TeamViewer application on his device. The end-user should have a suitable TeamViewer application installed on the device, or he needs to use the single-use version of the TeamViewer. Read more from the TeamViewer's Knowledge Base documentation.

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