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What are friendly names and how to use them?

Updated on September 22nd, 2022

This article explains the meaning of the built-in Friendly name column on the Devices page and shows how you can add a friendly name for any device in Miradore.

What is the use of the friendly name?

Friendly names are typically used to make it easier to identify individual devices and remember their purpose.

Friendly name column shows on the Devices page.

What is the built-in Friendly name field in Miradore?

The Friendly name column on the Devices page can be confusing because it is empty for most devices. The reason for this is that the Friendly name field shows the friendly names only for the "other devices" that have been manually added to Miradore. The other devices are basically monitors, printers, and other hardware pieces that cannot be enrolled in Miradore. For further details, please refer to Adding other devices to Miradore.

Can I add a friendly name for any device?

Yes, with the custom attributes.

Administrators can add up to 25 custom attributes for devices.

To add a friendly name for your devices, go to Company >  Attributes > Custom attributes tab and use the Add button.

How to add a device friendly name using the custom attributes.


The custom attributes are shown on the Devices page as well as on the main tab of each individual Device page.


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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