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The enrollment profile for Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment

Updated on November 30th, 2021

The Enrollment profile configures the initial setup of Apple devices that are enrolled in Miradore MDM using Apple's Automated Device Enrollment.

With the Enrollment profile, you can for example configure the setup screens that the device user sees in the device's Setup Assistant, whether the device is supervised or not, and if the user can remove the device from remote management.

Default enrollment profile for Apple Business Manager devices.

Where can I configure the ADE enrollment profile?

You can check and modify the enrollment profile settings in the Enrollment > Apple DEP page on Miradore.

Enrollment profile for Automated Device Enrollment in Miradore.

Note that if you change the configuration of an existing Enrollment profile, the changes will not take effect on devices until they are factory reset and activated again.

How to assign the enrollment profile to your devices

The Enrollment > Apple DEP page lists the devices that are associated with your Apple Business/School Manager account. You can use the green Update button to synchronize the devices immediately if you think that some devices are missing.

This page also shows if the devices are enrolled in Miradore MDM for remote management. To get devices enrolled in Miradore MDM, an enrollment profile must be assigned to the devices. There are three methods of how you can assign the enrollment profile to the devices.

    • Manual: Select devices from the Enrollment > Apple DEP page and use Actions > Assign enrollment profile to deploy the enrollment profile.
    • Automatic: Choose this if you wish Miradore to deploy the Enrollment profile to all Apple devices that are synchronized from ABM/ASM to Miradore.
    • Automatic when user or device is found: Limits the automatic profile assignment only to the devices whose identifier has been earlier entered for a user in Miradore.

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