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Configuring Apple ADE (DEP) to Miradore with Apple Business Manager

Updated on October 27th, 2021

This article instructs how to configure Apple ADE (previously DEP) to Miradore using Apple's Business Manager portal. You can find more information about Apple Business Manager from Apple's web page. If you want to know more about Miradore and ADE, please see the article about Apple Device Enrollment Program.

How to enroll iOS devices with Apple Device Enrollment Program

Start configuring Apple ADE in Miradore from the System > Infrastructure Diagram. Hover over the Apple Device Enrollment Program icon and press Configure, which opens the configuration wizard.


After downloading the public key certificate of your Miradore site (dep-public-key.crt), you can link up your Miradore site with Apple Business Manager.

To link up your MDM solution with Apple Business Manager, follow instructions below. You can also find more information from the Apple's Business Manager Guide.

1. Skip the step 2 of 5 at the wizard and open a new tab on a browser.

2. Sign in to Apple Business manager and go

3. Add new MDM server to Business Manager.


4. Fill in the Server Info.


  • Provide a name of the server. If you are using multiple servers for multiple Miradore sites, it is recommended to name the server according to the site.
  • Uncheck "Allow this MDM Server to release devices".
  • Upload the public key certificate downloaded from Miradore (dep-public-key.crt).
  • Save the settings.

5. After adding the MDM server, download a token provided by Business Manager.



Go back to Miradore and follow the instructions provided in the Apple DEP configuration wizard.


Configure the settings for the iOS and macOS enrollment profile.

setting for enrollment profile iOS and macOS

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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