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How to add managed Google Play applications

Updated on April 27th, 2022

This article shows how to approve managed Google Play applications and how to add them to Miradore

Benefits of managed applications

Managed applications can be preconfigured and deployed silently to Android devices that are managed through Android Enterprise. You can also allow users to install the apps independently from the managed Google Play Store - which is a more controlled version of the consumer Play Store.


Applications can be approved from the managed Google Play console by searching desired work applications and clicking the Approve button.


In order to proceed, you must approve the permissions required by the application by clicking the Approve button again.


When an application has been approved in managed Google Play console, an administrator can update it to Miradore.

Navigate to Management > Applications and click the Managed Google Play > Update application list button. This updates all approved applications from managed Google Play console to Miradore. Click Update to confirm.


After the approved applications have been updated to Miradore, close the wizard and check that the applications are refreshed correctly.


Administrators can approve new managed Google Play applications also directly from Miradore. Navigate to the Management > Applications page and click the Add button. Then choose Android application > Managed Google Play store.

This opens an embedded managed Google Play dialog where you can search and approve the applications you want. When you have found the desired work application, click on the Approve button.


Then, approve application permissions.


When you're ready you can close the dialog. The applications page on Miradore Management > Applications is refreshed automatically to include the applications you approved.

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