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Enterprise Wi-Fi configuration for Android devices

Updated on October 24th, 2022

Use Miradore configuration profiles to store the WPA/WPA2 Enterprise settings and deploy them to multiple devices. This article shows how to create an Enterprise Wi-Fi configuration profile for Android devices.

Creating Enterprise Wi-Fi configuration profile

Start creating the configuration profile in Miradore from Management > Configuration profiles page.

  1. On the top of the page, press the button Add, which opens the wizard.
  2. Choose the platform Android and from the next step, the option Wi-Fi.
  3. There are two tabs for the Wi-Fi settings: Enrollment Wi-Fi and EAP settings. On the EAP settings tab, you may configure the Enterprise Wi-Fi network settings.
  4. If you want to configure an Enterprise Wi-Fi network, you need to choose "WPA/WPA2 (Enterprise)" as a security mode from the Enrollment Wi-FI tab.

WPA/WPA2 Enterprise as the security mode.

5. Define the WPA/WPA2 Enterprise configuration settings on the EAP settings tab.

Enterprise WiFi For Android EAP Settings.

There are three accepted EAP types: TLS, TTLS, and PEAP.

An identity certificate defines the certificate for TLS and it is mandatory for this EAP type. This also allows two-factor authentication for EAP-TTLS, PEAP and EAP-FAST.

A trusted certificate defines the trusted root certificate for the connection and it is mandatory for all the EAP types.

There are also additional configurations available for the types TTLS and PEAP.

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