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Collected Android inventory

Updated on September 30th, 2022

This article lists all inventory information collected from Android devices. To familiarize yourself with device inventory, see About device inventory.


Class Attributes
Applications Name, Version, Identifier, Size
Application restrictions Package name, Name, Restriction type
Battery Charge level, Technology, Voltage, Health, Temperature
Camera Megapixels, Has flash, Focal length
CPU Architecture, Core count, Max frequency, Instruction set
Device Manufacturer, Product name, Software version, Firmware version, Storage (free/total), Serial number, IMEI code of every SIM slot, Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth MAC address, Motherboard, Ram size, Device type, Android ID, Features, IP-address
Deployed files Name, Size, Folder, Status
Display Resolution, Physical size, Refresh rate, Density
Location Latitude, Longitude, Location reported, Street address, Zip code, City, Country
Mail for exchange Account name, Email address
Miradore Client Status, Version, IP address, Local IP address
Operator network Operator name, Current country, Current network, Home country, Home network, Location area code, Cell ID
Passcode Minimum length, Quality requirement, Maximum screen lock timeout, Maximum attempts, Minimum letters, Minimum lower case letters, Minimum upper case letters, Minimum non-letters, Minimum numbers, Minimum symbols, Expiration age, History restriction
Restrictions Type, Status
Security Root state, Device administration, Storage encryption required, Encryption status, Knox status, Passcode set, Passcode is sufficient
Sensors Name, Sensor type, Vendor, Power usage
Service Service, State
SIM Slot ICCID, Slot IMEI code, IMSI number, Phone number, SIM state
Wi-Fi SSID, Status

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