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Adding private Managed Google Play applications

Updated on November 14th, 2022

Managed Google Play also allows developers to publish private applications for certain managed Google Play enterprises (up to 20 enterprises per app). This can be done by allowlisting managed Google Play enterprise ID by the application developer.

First, discover your managed Google Play enterprise ID by going to the Infrastructure diagram and checking Managed Google Play Enterprise item.

Managed Google Play Enterprise in the Infrastructure diagram view.

Contact the application developer to allowlist the application for this managed Google Play enterprise in their Google Play developer console, section Store Presence - Pricing and Distribution.

Choose organization in Managed Google Play.

They have to select Choose organizations and enter this enterprise ID in the popup.

Choose the organisations in the app.

After the developer has allowlisted the domain, the enterprise admin must select the application for their managed Google Play Enterprise. For more information about selecting applications, see How to add managed Google Play applications.

The rest of the application deployment workflow is similar to public applications.

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