iOS Device Management

Manage your iPhones and iPads

Key Features

Safeguard Sensitive Data

Secure your devices by enforcing passcodes, encryption, and VPN. Track the location of missing devices and remotely wipe or lock if necessary. Stay compliant with data protection regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

Manage Apps

Use Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) to get work apps purchased and installed silently. IT Administrators can prevent the installation and use of apps and manage app configurations for full control.

Enforce Business Policies

With the help of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you get business apps and configurations like email accounts easily set-up on any number of devices from the moment they are powered on.

Track Location

Track the location of devices, including longitude, latitude, location reported, street address, zip code, city, and country.

Restrict Usage

Disable or lock down device features, settings and app installations. Black and white list applications and web pages.

Kiosk Mode

Enforce the device to run in a single-app, locked down kiosk mode.

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Miradore Online - Unified Endpoint Management for Windows 10 desktops and mobile devices.

Best practices for securing iOS devices

  • Separate company and personal data with Secure Email
  • Manage complete device with Apple supervised mode (DEP)
  • Black and whitelist your allowed apps
  • Install approved apps using Apple VPP and deny access to AppStore
  • Deny cross profile data copy-paste
  • Restrict screen capture
  • Deny factory reset and removal of MDM
  • Enforce passcode and encryption
Miradore Online - Unified Endpoint Management for Windows 10 desktops and mobile devices.

Enable Apple Device Enrollment Program to manage your company-owned devices

  • Zero-touch device setup
  • Deny factory reset and removal of MDM
  • High level of device management, allowing additional restrictions

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