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Hardware Asset Management

Hardware asset management gives you exact knowledge of your devices and their status, which means you can say no to rogue devices in your company network.

Miradore Management Suite provides multiple ways to populate your asset register. You can import assets to the system from an XML file or use our out-of-the box connectors to import device information from third-party systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory or some antivirus solutions. If these options aren’t available, it’s also possible to use the built-in asset discovery tool, which automatically scans through the specified networks and lists all hardware equipment that is connected to your network.

Miradore clients are deployed into identified assets either manually by the administrators or automatically by the system after the asset register has been established. In the managed assets, Miradore clients are responsible for gathering inventory information and communicating them, along with the device status, back to Miradore Management Suite.

The hardware inventory information contains thousands of different data attributes that are available for reporting in Miradore Management Suite’s report builder, where you can build custom reports to fit your needs. Of course, there are also dozens of ready-made dashboards and reports in Miradore Management Suite for the most common scenarios that system administrators face in their daily work, all highly customizable.


  • Single tool for the easy discovery of all network devices
  • Always up-to-date inventory data
  • Dynamic and always-up-to-date reporting
  • Asset data enriched from multiple sources via Miradore connectors
  • Reporting on power consumption of assets
  • Automatic tracking of configuration changes
  • Proactive planning of replacement cycles


  • No unknown devices in the network
  • Better visibility for planning, costs, and security
  • KPIs to ensure service provider quality (SLAs)
  • Asset information can be integrated into financial and purchasing systems for depreciations and bookkeeping
  • Cost savings in electricity due to reduced consumption
  • Ability to better control and track missing/lost/stolen components/devices

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