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Endpoint Backup

Losing work is incredibly frustrating. Miradore’s automated endpoint backup means you no longer need to worry about lost files.

With Miradore Management Suite’s endpoint backup feature, administrators can define company-wide backup configurations for company files or configure device-specific backup settings for safeguarding the user’s personal files. In addition, the device end-users can define personal backup configurations by themselves, using an interface that is available in 17 languages. When both personal and company files are automatically backed up to a predefined network share or portable drive, IT staff can easily replace a broken computer or migrate the user to a new device without the risk of losing any data. Users can even restore files as a self-service. The backup features are highly configurable. For example, the backup capture can be configured to take place every day at the same time, or at some point during a given window of time, or even at a certain interval. It is also possible to create mandatory backup jobs for all managed computers, and choose whether the backup should be captured using an end-user account or a local system account. For capturing the backups, a variety of advanced settings allow, for example, filtering by file extension what file types should be included in or excluded from the backup, and what the network requirements are for running the backups.


  • Backup profiles managed and activated centrally
  • Automated without end user impact
  • Backups for network share and/or Cloud (https)
  • Possibility to create common profiles to any roles/entities/groups
  • Device users can create their own backup profiles


  • User data always backed-up
  • Fast implementation
  • Self-service
  • Easy to use
  • Substantial savings from not needing another user data backup solution

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