Torsby saves 50 percent with Miradore

"Miradore Online saves us from thirty to fifty percent compared to other similar offerings. We know for a fact that some neighbouring municipalities pay more than double per unit for their MDM. " David Hornman

Hundreds of unmanaged devices

Torsby municipality’s IT department faced an enormous challenge in keeping track of hundreds of unmanaged devices, spread over a radius of 10 km from the IT department’s office.

According to David Hornman, a technician in Torsby’s IT department, almost two-thirds of the municipality’s administrative workforce were using unmanaged smartphones in their daily duties. Health and social services, in addition to the school, with its classroom iPads, faced the same problem, which applied to all Apple devices. Those were often tied to personal Apple IDs, which meant a lengthy process with Apple’s support upon reassignment. So, a way to lock devices down was needed.

To ensure compliance with Apple’s terms and licensing, as well as to enable the mass distribution of apps, the municipality also wanted to avoid using the same Apple ID across multiple, non-personal devices.

Satisfaction and productivity: employees can use personal Apple IDs

As the municipality assessed their MDM options, they evaluated both VMware AirWatch and MobileIron before finding Miradore.

“We fell in love with Miradore, starting from the price tag and their very generous educational discounts,” explains Hornman. “Miradore Online saves us from thirty to fifty percent compared to other similar offerings. We know for a fact that some neighbouring municipalities pay more than double per unit for their MDM.”

Miradore gives Torsby’s IT staff an easy-to-use tool for application management and deployment. To make things even sweeter, Miradore Online is easy enough to use for non-IT professionals, such as teachers, who have been assigned limited admin rights.

What’s more, having separate Miradore Online licenses based on different sites helps in everything from policy creation to license management.

Miradore Online’s location tracking feature has proved invaluable in preventing the theft and loss of devices. According to Hornman, its quality is hard to match even among the biggest MDM names.

Torsby’s staff is equally enamored by the painless central management, including remote device enrollment and app deployment. This saves everyone time, as users no longer need to travel to the IT department for setup.

Thanks to Miradore, Torsby can now combine employee satisfaction and productivity by allowing them to use their personal Apple IDs for devices assigned to their use, while keeping the devices themselves tied to the organization. For non-personal, classroom-type devices, further restrictions can be used to stop devices from being associated with personal data.

Last but not least, David Hornman is very vocal in his praise of Miradore’s support.

“They always provide answers quickly and nicely. On top of this, they are very proactive about passing on wishes and feature requests to developers. It’s great to see them making investments in features we need out in the field.”

Torsby is a small town located in west-central Sweden. Bordering Norway, the Torsby municipality is one of the country’s largest municipalities in terms of size.

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