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Customer Stories

Padword helps bring a great customer experience for travelers with Kiosk Mode

IT Service Provider, Tourism

Padword is a Spanish company that provides IT solutions for companies in the travel and tourism industry, including hotels and car rental companies. As today's customer service is turning digital, providing tablets in Kiosk mode is a central part of Padword’s service offering.

Earlier, the company's mobile device management method relied on Samsung Knox Developer, which allowed them to perform actions at a root level. However, this no longer met their requirements, as they encountered too many limitations when it came to controlling their Android devices.

As a result, Padword began looking for a Mobile Device Management solution that could help them manage at least 90% of their device inventory.

One solution to cover all requirements

Padword wanted to find a secure MDM solution to manage and secure their Android tablets more efficiently.

They wanted to find a single solution that would help them:

  • Secure the use of tablets with Kiosk mode
  • Monitor and manage all tablets in bulk with logs and reports
  • Install applications remotely
  • Block selected device functions
  • Track device locations
  • Wipe devices remotely
  • Control daily data limits

Moreover, Padword needed to protect their clients' data. In practice, this means incorporating technologies capable of processing the information, as well as removing company practices that cannot guarantee proper data handling.

“We work with a partner that, after studying our needs, presented us with Miradore as the most feasible option,” describes Javier Afonso, the CEO of Padword.

Afonso gives special thanks to Miradore’s support team that helped Padword with the implementation.

“Thanks to Miradore's support team, we were able to diagnose more quickly which steps we should take. The team guided and supported us at all times, and we value the great speed of response."

Miradore - padword javier afonso landscape

Javier Afonso

Securing tablets used in customer service

Today, Padword manages roughly 1000 Android tablets that have a central role in creating a great customer experience in the tourism industry. With Miradore, Padword is able to secure those devices by limiting specific functionalities with Kiosk mode.

Securing these tablets is crucial as they are used for various customer service tasks:

  • Communication with hotel guests with simultaneous translation
  • Booking of any hotel service
  • Virtual assistance in each hotel room
  • Virtual tourist information with guided routes
  • Cross-selling
  • Events calendar

All of these services are provided through Padword's in-house application that they install on each tablet with Miradore's application management feature.

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Managing all devices at once

"The biggest benefit for us, among all, is the possibility to create configuration packages and manage multiple devices and operations at once. With the wide range of options available in Miradore, we are able to configure almost any action necessary,” Afonso highlights.

With the help of Miradore, Padword has also been able to reduce the number of incidents which has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

“We have more control and knowledge of the status of the device and we do not have to constantly bother the customer to check.”


Padword is a Spanish company that offers IT solutions for the digitalization of services for companies in the travel and tourism sector, including hotels and car rental companies. They serve both corporate and private companies. Providing tablets in Kiosk Mode is a central part of Padword’s service offering but they also offer solutions for digital locks, online check-in, and internal hotel services (My Key). Padword’s mission is to facilitate their customers’ daily work and enable them to offer the best customer service.

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