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Customer Stories

Jet Story secures iPads in aircraft cockpits


Aircraft iPads as Electronic Flight Bags

Jet Story needed to manage their iPads, which are used on board the aircraft in the cockpits as so-called Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs). EFBs provide pilots access to all necessary documentation and manuals. It is essential that every device is properly managed and secured, for example having a passcode enforced. These regulations are required by the European Aviation Safety Agent (EASA).

Compliant with European flight safety regulations

Jet Story found Miradore to be a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that fulfills their needs. They were able to deploy Miradore by using only their own workforce and are now fulfilling European Aviation Safety Agent (EASA) regulations with a single MDM solution which ensures that pilots have fully functioning iPads with all the necessary documentation available at all times. Additionally, they can also easily check the available memory on each device to ensure that there’s available space for the documentation.

Jet Story

Jet Story is a commercial business aviation operator from Poland, operating a fleet of personal jet aircraft.