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Customer Stories

iTAREX keeps logistics companies’ mobile devices up and running with MDM

IT Service Provider, Transportation

In logistics, direct contact with device users is rarely possible. Thus, being able to handle device maintenance activities, such as updates, data distribution, and repair tasks, remotely is essential. Austrian IT Service Provider iTAREX uses Miradore to manage its logistics customers' Android devices centrally, allowing drivers to focus on their work.

Drivers get the devices they need – faster

At the moment, iTAREX manages approximately 500 Android devices with Miradore. When new devices are taken into use, iTAREX utilizes the platform to set up multiple devices swiftly at once. During the initial setup, devices are configured according to a unified policy. This makes quality management easier as drivers don’t have to remember to follow certain guidelines.

“We set up around 15 devices per day, which would not be possible without an MDM solution. For us, setting up multiple devices manually would be very inefficient,” explains Andreas Furtenbacher, Senior IT Expert and CEO at iTAREX.

Many delivery services use custom applications when delivering goods to their customers. According to Furtenbacher, getting these applications installed on drivers’ devices is simple with an MDM solution like Miradore. Furthermore, installed applications can be easily updated.

He also points out that MDM helps increase device and data security as lost devices can be locked and wiped remotely.

package delivery and mobile phone

Quality management gets easier with MDM

When drivers are working from various locations, keeping them up to date with the latest company policies and procedures, and ensuring that they can easily obtain necessary certifications (e.g. ISO) can be difficult.

For iTAREX and its customers, MDM plays an important role in quality management.

“Training, certifications, and rollouts of new company policies could not be handled without MDM,” Furtenbacher points out.

With the help of Miradore, drivers can access virtual training and tests with mobile applications that are installed remotely on each device. Moreover, important documents and information about laws and regulations can be delivered directly to drivers’ devices.

Properly functioning devices let drivers focus on their work

With Miradore, iTAREX can keep track of the entire device fleet and access all necessary device information while servicing drivers remotely. As a result, drivers can focus on their work instead of having to deal with technical issues themselves.

“With Miradore, many things that would otherwise require an appointment with the IT administrator can be done remotely. This helps us ensure that our customers' devices are always up and running,” concludes Furtenbacher.


iTAREX is an Austrian IT Service Provider offering high-quality and sustainable solutions for IT architecture and IT outsourcing with a focus on Microsoft technologies.