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Customer Stories

Hart bei Graz controls data usage costs and ensures GDPR compliance


Meeting new data security guidelines for municipalities

Sibylle Schmutzer, Head of Finance and ICT for Hart bei Graz, recognized the need for more control over the apps and devices used by employees – both in municipal offices as well as in the field. Municipal employees are restricted to the use of Android phones, specifically the Samsung Xcover and Samsung Galaxy S5 models.

Schmutzer pointed to the need for a mobile device management solution in part because of new data security guidelines put forth by the Austrian government and related to GDPR.

Organizations must now “prove that the data is secured, and a new system was needed on our end,” emphasizes Schmutzer.

Compliant, and able to monitor data usage

Schmutzer found Miradore via their Internet service provider. “We chose Miradore because it is easy to use, and it covers everything we need,” explains Schmutzer. The setup took about 2,5 hours in total.

The municipality has the device owner mode activated in most of the phones and allows the following apps to be installed: Gmail, Calendar, Chrome browser, Phone calls, SMS texting, Camera, and Gallery.

Today, Hart bei Graz uses Miradore for:

  • Automating apps and configuration deployments; one of the apps pushed to the phones is time capturing software, for which there is a need to enroll web clips
  • Restricting users from installing and configuring apps
  • Separating company and private apps and data
  • Enforcing passcodes and security settings

“In addition to GDPR compliance, I can control and check how much data is being used by each device,” notes Schmutzer. “In this way, I can control the costs of data usage.”

Miradore is pleased to support the efforts of municipalities like Hart bei Graz. Overall, the needs of governments and businesses do not dramatically differ from each other, as all organizations can benefit from services that secure devices and data.

Hart bei Graz

Hart bei Graz is a municipality in Austria, located in the state of Styria and serving a population of approximately 5,000 people.